User profile self-service in the JSP-Loginapp

The user data edit page allows the user to edit personal data, change the password, and link other self-services (such as MTAN number management, consent management, and alike).

The content is customizable:

  • any context data field (such as the postal address, the correspondence language, the email address, etc.)
  • input validation
  • read-only or read-write
  • drop-downs
  • checkboxes

The URL of the self-service is <loginapp-uri>/user-data-edit. The user needs to be logged in to access the self-service.

To limit access to the self-service to certain user roles, see Loginapp >> Application Settings >> Internal Services

Email address changes trigger a special workflow including "channel verification" (email with the link is sent to the new address to confirm the change).

A user data edit page could look like this:



The configuration can be configured in the Config Editor under Loginapp >> Self-Service Settings >> User Data Edit Settings.

Please refer to the Config Editor help for further information.