Hardware and system requirements

Operating systems



Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)



Ubuntu Server

16.04 LTS

18.04 LTS

20.04 LTS

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server




Other Linux operating systems may work but are not officially supported.

Install libstdc++ dependency

The SASS to CSS compiler used for Customizing UI (look and feel) of the JSP-Loginapp requires the C++ Standard Library (libstdc++) to be installed on Linux operating systems.

  • Usually, it is installed by default. If not, the following commands will install libstdc++ on your system:
  • RHEL: yum install libstdc++
  • Ubuntu Server: apt install libstdc++6
  • SUSE: zypper install libstdc++6

SUSE: Install fontconfig dependency

  • In order to generate Captchas, the font configuration library and freetype must be installed:
  • RHEL: yum install freetype fontconfig
  • Ubuntu Server: apt install fontconfig
  • SUSE: zypper install libfreetype6 fontconfig

Java Runtime, JVM

Airlock IAM bundles the Java runtime and JVM as part of the distribution and it does not need to be installed on the target system.


Airlock IAM requires a datastore to store user- and other data.

See User data source configuration (databases and directories).

The chosen data layer has to be well managed and monitored. IAM is not responsible for the operation and backup/recovery. This is also true if the H2 database shipped with IAM is used. For productive usage, the data layer should be clustered.

  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, H2 (other databases with JDBC may work but are not supported)
  • LDAP directories (you need to extend your schema)
  • Microsoft Active Directory (no schema extension required but limits IAM features - see Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD) for Airlock IAM)

Minimum supported database versions:


Minimum version







Microsoft SQL Server




Older versions of MySQL and MariaDB require changes to the DB schema. See DB schema changes for old MySQL and MariaDB versions.

  • IAM features that require a relational database are (non-exhaustive):
  • Airlock 2FA
  • OAuth2 / OpenID Connect including dynamic client registration
  • Social registration, social login, account linking
  • OneSpan (Vasco) OTP and Cronto
  • mTAN (if using multiple numbers per user)
  • Risk-based authentication
  • Maintenance Messages
  • Secret Questions
  • Generic Token Controllers
  • Password reset self-service
  • GDPR Consent Management
  • PSD2 related features
  • API key-related features (Tech-Clients, API keys, API plans)

Browser compatibility

  • Supported Browsers for the Loginapp are:
  • Android: beginning with 5.0
  • iOS: two most recent major versions
  • Edge: two most recent major versions
  • Firefox: latest stable and latest ESR
  • Chrome: latest stable release
  • Safari on Mac: two most recent versions
  • Supported Browsers for the Adminapp are:
  • Edge: two most recent major versions
  • Firefox: latest ESR
  • Chrome: latest stable release

The Adminapp is not designed to be used with mobile devices.