User representation (representee side) User representation: representee configuration in the Loginapp REST UI

This article shows how to configure the representee side of the user representation feature in the Loginapp REST UI.


  • The corresponding authentication flow(s) must be configured in the Loginapp REST API.


The following instructions must be followed for each affected authentication flow (authentication flows that accept representation SSO tickets).

  • 1.
    Go to:
  • Loginapp >> UI Settings >> Authentication UIs

  • 2.
    If there is not yet a UI for the flow, add an Authentication & Authorization UI referencing the corresponding Target Application ID.
  • 3.
    Make sure the name of the parameter bearing the representation SSO ticket is in the list SSO Parameter Names (typically you have to add representation).
  • 4.
    To make sure, that the representer is sent back to the representer IAM when logging out, configure the On Logout property as follows:
    • Use plugin Redirect On Logout.
    • As target use the plugin Parameter-Based Target URI. Within it:
    • Default Target URI: plugin Login Page
    • Query Parameter URI Extractor: plugin Query Parameter URI Value Extraction with Location as the parameter name. If possible limit the allowed URIs by specifying one or more patterns.
  • 5.
    Activate the configuration.
  • The representee side of the user representation feature is now configured in the Loginapp REST UI.