Transaction approval (module)
20. Transaction approval (module)

This chapter describes the features of the Airlock IAM Transaction Approval module and how to configure and use them.

The Transaction Approval module exposes a REST API that allows 3rd party systems (e.g. e-banking system) to verify transactions by sending transaction details to the end-user using second-factor authentication tokens (e.g. approve banking payment).

It is meant to be used as an internal infrastructure, e.g. invoked from an e-banking system acting as a delegating entity on behalf of a user and not to be exposed directly to the internet.

Quick technical facts Transaction Approval module

Description and links
Module name
The Transaction Approval module can be enabled or disabled using the 8.1. application parameters property iam.modules.
Configuration root
Transaction Approval
The Transaction Approval module is a top-level element in the configuration.
The URL of the Transaction approval interface is defined by the application parameter iam.transaction-approval.url.path and defaults to /<instance-name>-transaction-approval/.