Step 6 - Activate changes

To activate the changed configuration, click on the "Activate" icon in the toolbar:


In the opening dialog, the configuration is validated. If the configuration is not valid, abort the activation by closing the dialog (press Escape or click on the x in the top right corner). The system will continue running with the old (last valid) configuration.

It is recommended to enter a meaningful comment, so you can find out what has been changed at a later time.


Click on the "Go Live!" icon to activate the changes. The activation may take some seconds. Its status is shown in the dialog.

Successful deployment

If the deployment was successful, i.e. the configuration could be read and activated by all modules, it is shown as follows:


Failure and Log

If the deployment fails for one or more modules, some extra information will be shown in the dialog.

If the extra information does not reveal the reason for the failure, check the Log Viewer for more details:

  • Go back to the Adminapp browser window or tab
  • Click on "Log Viewer" in the navigation
  • As application choose the module that did not accept the new configuration (e.g. login application)
  • The log file show the details about the activation failure (search for the string "could not be applied" to find it quicker).