Step 5 - Add new plugin configuration

Next, we show how to add a completely new configuration for a plugin by adding a new password generator plugin configuration:

  • Find the "Password Settings" plugin and open the details. It contains a property called "Password Generator" as shown below.
  • It shows the currently used password generator plugin. To see its detail, click on the arrow on the right or click on the corresponding node in the plugin tree. Make sure to go back to "Password Settings" for the following steps.
  • To add a new password generator configuration, click on the "+"-icon on the right.
  • Enter the following information in the opening dialog:

    • As identifier choose any text that helps you remember it later (e.g. "My Own Password Generator")
    • As plugin type choose the "Extended String Generator" (a versatile password generator)
    • Click on "Create & Edit": this will create the new configuration and open its details for editing
  • On the detail page, the generator may be configured:
    • Click on the information.svg of the plugin (top) and each property to learn how to configure this specific plugin.
    • The configuration shown below will generate passwords as mentioned in the comment. Generated passwords are checked against the policy we adapted in earlier steps
  • When going back to the "Password Settings", note that the property "Password Generator" now shows your new plugin configuration ("My Own Password Generator" in this example).