Step 3 - Reconfigure plugins Step 3 - Find plugin to reconfigure

Before changing something in the configuration, you have to find the corresponding component in the configuration.

There are two ways to find a component:

  • Using the plugin tree
  • Using the search feature

Find password policy using the plugin tree

  • In the "Plugin Trees" part of the editor (on the left), make sure the drop down on top shows "Modules".
  • Open the tree elements to get to the desired plugin and click on it to open its details in the main frame.
  • In our example, look for the password policy plugin.
  • 30803679.png
    • The password policy is found in the MAIN SETTINGS tree (see screenshot).
    • Depending on the configuration you are using, the password policy may be found here: Loginapp >> Password Management >> Password Settings

Find password policy using the search feature

An alternative way to find a component is the search panel (bottom right; select tab "Search"):

  • Enter the plugin name, property name, or anything else you know about the plugin to find it
  • Multiple search terms can be combined (e.g. search for "password policy")
  • Click on "Advanced Search" to perform a more specific search
  • In the result set, click on the desired plugin to see the details for the plugin.