Starting / stopping
7.1. Starting and stopping Airlock IAM (system service integration)

For Docker deployments, this information does not apply. Please refer to the Docker documentation or the documentation of your orchestration software (Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc.).

Airlock IAM can be launched as a single process, or as multiple processes using 7.2. Sandboxing with profiles. Separate processes can be used to sandbox modules like Loginapp/Adminapp. For each Airlock IAM process, a "service" should be created. Services run in the background (as daemons) and are automatically launched on start-up. Systemd is the recommend way of creating a service on supported Linux operating systems.

Starting a temporary process for testing

To launch Airlock IAM temporarily for local testing without a system service, the "run" subcommand can be used in a terminal. To stop the process, hit CTRL-C.

iam run -h

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