Screen flow example Unlock self-service example screen flow

Assuming a user is locked (too many login failures) and the unlock self-service feature is turned on.

  • Assumptions
  • The user account is locked because of too many login failures.
  • The unlock self-service is enabled in the configuration.
  • The user is allowed to unlock the account (one or more unlock attempts are left).
  • Sample screen flow (details depend on the configuration):
  • 1.
    The user is asked to unlock or order a new password letter.
  • 61725910.png
  • 2.
    The user has to provide the 2nd authentication factor (mTAN/SMS in this example).
  • 61725911.png
  • 3.
    The user account is now unlocked and the user may try to log in again.
  • 61725912.png

If the user exceeds the number of allowed unlock attempts (typically 2 or 3), the account is locked without the possibility to self-unlock it again.