Release notes
4. IAM 7.6 release notes

This is an LTS (long-term support) release of IAM. For further information, see


This page describes new features in Airlock IAM 7.6 and lists possibly necessary changes when upgrading from IAM 7.5 to 7.6.

Airlock IAM 7.6 is available here:

This page also informs about features that will be removed or changed in future releases.

Main new features

  • Airlock 2FA improvements
    • Enrollment of Airlock 2FA accounts on single device (mobile-only).
    • Lock user account if fraud is reported on Airlock 2FA app.
    • Create activation codes via REST API.
    • Removed Zero-Touch feature.
  • New features in Loginapp REST UI and Loginapp REST API
    • OIDC provider / OAuth Authorization Server
    • SAML Identity Provider (IDP)
    • Remember-me feature
    • User-specific role-timeouts
  • PEPAR - Privilege escalation protected administrator roles

See the changelog for details.