PSD2 implementation
PSD2 support in Airlock IAM

Airlock's Role in PSD2 implementation

PSD2 support in Airlock IAM

Airlock Gateway (WAF) and IAM help banks to meet PSD2 requirements with the following features:

  • Access control for bank PSD2 services
  • HTTP request signature verification
  • Strong customer authentication (SCA)
  • Verification of TPP certificates
  • Extraction of information from TPP certificates (e.g. TPP roles)
  • On-the-fly registration of TPPs

The above is only a high-level description of Airlock's role in the PSD2 interaction.

Please refer to the more detailed sections below to learn about the supported features.

Supported PSD2 frameworks/standards

PSD2 Framework/Standard
Airlock IAM Documentation
Supported since
BerlinGroup NextGenPSD2 - Redirect Approach
Airlock IAM 7.1
"Redirect approach" authorization protocol only.
Airlock IAM 7.1
Open Banking Standard