Other self-services Other self-services in the JSP-Loginapp
Contact Me Self-Service 
Provides a simple form for logged-in users who want to be contacted over the phone. It's URI is /contact-me (relative to the Loginapp's URL).
It lets the user enter the following information:
  • Phone number
  • A message text
The information together with the username is sent in an email to a configurable address.
Loginapp >> Self-Service Settings >> Contact Me Settings
Single Sign-On Self-Service 
This self-service lets the user manage login information of target applications in order to connect the main IAM user account to one or several target application accounts. The information is used in identity propagation for single sign-on. The following information can be managed by the user per target-application:
  • Username (for the target application)
  • optionally: Password (for the target application)
The user must enter the information the first time it is used and can edit it at any time on the User profile self-service in the JSP-Loginapp page.

This is a very simple self-service. It does not allow for validation steps of the entered information.

Configured per target application in
MAIN SETTINGS >> Application Settings >> <target application> >> group Federation Settings
OAuth 2.0 Self-Service 
If enabled, users can review and delete active OAuth 2.0 authorizations. The page's URI is /oauth2-manage (relative to the Loginapp's URL).
Loginapp >> Self-Service Settings >> OAuth 2.0 Self Service Settings
Certificate (X.509) Self Service
Allows end-users to register a client certificate with the user account.
This self-registration process involves an activation code (IAK) usually sent to the user by letter.
Loginapp >> Self-Service Settings >> Certificate Self Service