Native library setup
Native library setup for Cronto and Digipass OTP

In order to use OneSpan (Vasco) tokens, Airlock IAM requires a native library, called VACMAN Controller (Authentication Server Framework):

  • 1.
    Get the correct version (for your deployment environment) of the VACMAN Controller (Authentication Server Framework) library: The library can be obtained directly from OneSpan (Vasco) from the customer portal.
  • IAM Version
    Required VACMAN Controller
    since 7.5
    since 7.1
  • 2.
    Edit and set the property to add library location to java.library.path like this: = -Djava.library.path=/path/to/dir/containing/libaal2sdk
  • The access rights of the lib must be chosen such that IAM is able to read the file.

  • 3.
    Make sure that the library is named "" (on Linux systems, it is recommended to create a symbolic link to the actual library file).
  • 4.
    Restart the Airlock IAM instance.