MySQL MySQL as Airlock IAM database

This page describes how to use an MySQL database with the Airlock IAM database schema.

The chosen data layer has to be well managed and monitored. IAM is not responsible for operation and backup/recovery. For productive usage, the data layer should be clustered.


MySQL version 8.0 or higher is required for full compatibility with the IAM database schema. See Techzone for information on using older MySQL versions.

Database settings

In order to use Airlock IAM with MySQL a JDBC connector/driver library is required.

The following MySQL database settings may be useful:

Command Line
Table names are used case insensitive.
Note: Use this option to avoid issues with older demo configurations using table names in upper case.
Set the database server to an explicit time zone. Do not use a dynamic time zone as CET/CEST.
For further information, see

Schema creation and upgrade

SQLs scripts for MySQL databases are available here:

SQL File
Creates tables used for Airlock IAM.
Upgrades IAM 7.1 database schema for release IAM 7.2.
Upgrades IAM 7.2 database schema for release IAM 7.3.
Upgrades IAM 7.3 database schema for release IAM 7.4.
Upgrades IAM 7.4 database schema for release IAM 7.5.
Upgrades IAM 7.5 database schema for release IAM 7.6.
Inserts an administrator "admin" with password "password" (works with demo configuration).

For performance tuning hints, see: 7.6. Performance tuning and scaling best practices

JDBC connector (JDBC driver)

The MySQL JDBC connector license restrictions do not permit the distribution of the library with Airlock IAM.

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