Manual installation
6.3.3. Manual installation without installer script

It is also possible to install Airlock IAM manually.

Basically, you have to perform the same actions the installer would:

  • 1.
    Download the Airlock IAM application archive, e.g. airlock-iam-7.6.tar.gz and transfer it to the target host.
  • 2.
    Extract it (target directory can be anything):
  • copy
    cd /opt
    tar -xvf airlock-iam-*.tar.gz
  • 3.
    Run it:
  • copy
    ./airlock-iam-*/bin/iam -h       # Print help
    ./airlock-iam-*/bin/iam init -h  # Print help for init subcommand
    ./airlock-iam-*/bin/iam init -c ~/iam --instance "auth"  # Create instance named "auth" with default configuration templates
    ls ~/iam/instances/auth  # List files in "auth" instance directory, including ""
    ./airlock-iam-*/bin/iam run -c ~/iam -i "auth"  # Launch instance named "auth"

For security reasons, Airlock IAM should never run as root. A dedicated user should be created to run Airlock IAM. The installer creates a user named "airlock".