Logout by representer
Logout by representer - flow diagram

The following flow diagram shows how the different systems are involved when the representer logs out while representing a representee.


  • The representer is logged in.
  • The representer has the right to represent the representee.

Flow diagram

Note that the flow diagram does not show all HTTP requests and responses but gives a conceptual view. The HTTP requests depend on the type of login application (Loginapp REST UI or JSP-Loginapp).

  • 1.
    The representer logs out of the representer Loginapp. While representing a representee, the authentee session is also terminated.
  • 2.
    The representer Loginapp checks if there is an open representee session. If so, it calls the logout endpoint on the representee Loginapp.
  • 3.
    The representee session is terminated and the browser is redirected back to the representer's loginapp logout disclaimer page.