Lock user on fraud Airlock 2FA - lock user on fraud

The Airlock 2FA app supports the following behavior:

  • When receiving a push notification, the user can either approve or decline the authentication request in the Airlock 2FA app.
  • If the user declines the request, the app will ask Was it you that requested this action?
  • If the user chooses No at this point, the Airlock 2FA app reports this answer as fraud reported by user.

Airlock IAM can lock a user account in case the Airlock 2FA app reports fraud reported by the user.


  • 1.
    Go to:
    MAIN SETTINGS >> Authentication Settings >> Airlock 2FA Settings
  • 2.
    In the section Advanced Settings enable the Lock User On Fraud property.

Event notifications

When Lock User on Fraud is enabled, an event USER_LOCKED is generated and can be used by Event Subscribers.

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