9.4. IAM Config Editor (UI)

The Airlock IAM Config Editor is integrated in the Adminapp.

To open it, log into the Adminapp and click the Configuration link in the menu:

The admin user needs appropriate permissions to see the item Configuration in the menu.

The Config Editor is loaded in a new tab and loads the active configuration file of the current Airlock IAM instance on startup.



The Config Editor is structured as shown in the following screenshot. Note that the tree on the left side reflects the current configuration and is not fixed.


The number of IAM plugins is subject to change as new customer and security requirements need to be fulfilled while current plugins may get outdated or even deprecated. Because the Airlock IAM plugin architecture is highly configurable, the plugin documentation is a part of the UI concept. Click on the Information48np.png buttons on the UI to learn more about a specific plugin.

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