FIDO authn. in Loginapp REST API FIDO authentication in the Loginapp REST API

This chapter is about FIDO authentication in the Loginapp REST API. It adds information to the REST API documentation (Loginapp REST API Reference), provides example login flows and configuration hints.

Please also refer to the conceptual FIDO chapters referred to at the end of this text.

FIDO authentication flow steps

The following authentication flow steps are available:

FIDO Authentication Step
Used for FIDO as the 2nd factor in an authentication flow. The user identity must be determined prior to this step. Used, for example, after the end-user's username and password check.
FIDO Passwordless Authentication Step
Used for FIDO as the first (and typically only) authentication step. It determines the user identity and authenticates the end-user.
FIDO Registration Step
Step providing REST APIs to register a FIDO Authenticator with the user's account during the authentication flow. This is typically used for token migration from another 2nd factor to FIDO.

The rest of this chapter is organized along example flows showing the usage and configuration of all the above REST APIs and steps.

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