Feature reference
17.5.5. JSP-Loginapp migration - feature reference

The following sections provide a quick reference for JSP-Loginapp features with high-level information on the migration to the Loginapp REST UI.

The feature reference is oriented along with the JSP-Loginapp's configuration and provides the following information for each feature:

  • Short feature description.
  • High-level migration hints (if available).
  • Availability of the feature in the Loginapp REST UI.

Version information about features not yet available will be updated or clarified as soon as known.

Note that the specified release versions are indicative and subject to change.

The following notation is used to indicate release versions (examples):

  • 7.7: planned for IAM 7.7
  • > 7.7: planned for an IAM release after 7.7
  • >= 7.7: planned for IAM 7.7 or later