Example config
Example for mTAN

Given the following translation in strings_en.properties file:

mtan.payment.message = Your payment information: Amount: ${currency} ${amount}, Account: ${accountNumber,mid,3,5}. Please confirm with security code: ${TOKEN}.

When the parameters received in the Transaction Approval Parameter Step look as follows:

Make sure all the messageParameter keys (here: type, amount, curency, accountNumber) are configured in the plugin "Transaction Approval Parameter Step", setting "Message Parameters" as Request Attribute in the IAM Configuration (GUI).

   "messageParameters": {
      "type": "payment",
      "amount": "2000",
      "currency": "EUR",
      "accountNumber": "CH12 3456 7890 1234 5678 9"

The resulting message that is generated for mTAN when IAM chooses the token to be 1234 would be:

Your payment information: Amount: EUR 2000, Account: CH1..678 9. Please confirm with security code: 1234.