Customizing message formatting for Cronto
Customizing Cronto message formatting for the Transaction Approval module

Using formatting tags, the visual appearance of transaction approval messages can be changed by adding Cronto-specific formatting information to strings_*.properties files as described here:
Customizing text elements in the Transaction Approval module

Formatting target
Available tags
Text colors
  • {RED}
  • {BLUE}
  • {GREEN}
  • {BLACK}
Text alignments
  • {LEFT}
  • {CENTER}
  • {RIGHT}
Font styles
  • {BOLD}
  • {ITALIC}

A tag applies only to the text element it occurs in (title, key, or value). Formatting tags may be placed at any position in the text element.


When setting the styling as follows:

Title{CENTER}&{BOLD}Amount=200 EUR{RED}{RIGHT}&Comments={GREEN}None

The output will look like this: