Cronto message provider The Cronto message provider

Again the Message Translation Key and String Resource File need to be configured as explained above. The cronto message provider does not need a maximum length because the maximum possible length is determined by the Cronto solution itself, but it needs a Cronto Handler to generate the message (it must be the same handler as used in the cronto step for transaction approval). 

For Cronto, messages follow a specific format:

Following the the details about the transaction, which will be displayed in a key-value table, the last line consists of the "amount label" (e.g. "Amount"), the amount and the currency. The text defined by the message translation key will be shown in the details of the Cronto message. For the amount label a translation key can be specified. The amount parameter name and the currency parameter specify the request attributes from the Transaction Approval Parameter Step that are inserted in the Cronto message as amount and currency.

Note that if no values for the amount parameter name and the currency parameter name are specified they will not be added to the message.