Context Extraction Select and configure the Context Extractor Plugin

A context extractor plugin must be configured so Airlock IAM can determine the configuration context of the current request. A context extractor is a plugin like any other. 

To define the context extractor plugin for the Loginapp, do the following:

  • In the "Login Application", select "Miscellaneous Settings".
  • Define a value for property "Context Extractor": either select an existing configuration in the drop-down or add a new configuration clicking on the "+" on the right.

The context extractor in the Loginapp REST API is defined similarly within the Loginapp REST API configuration.

The context extractors in the Transaction Approval module are defined similarly.

Define the Context Retention Policy

The context retention policy defines whether the context should be determined and used for each request, once per session or in a even different mode.

To configure the Loginapp:

  • In the "Login Application", select "Miscellaneous Settings".
  • Select a suitable value for the property "Context Retention Policy". To get an explanation for all selectable values, click on the information.svg next to the property.