Authentication flows for account linking
Authentication flows for account linking configuration
  • Account Linking during Authentication
  • 1.
    Go to:
    Loginapp >> Authentication Flows >> Applications >> <Target Application> >> Authentication Flow
  • 2.
    Configure an OAuth SSO Step as the first step of the flow.
  • 3.
    Configure a Selection Step with one available Selection Option:
  • Name
    A name to identify this flow.
    Local authentication of the user (e.g. a Password Authentication Step).
    Missing Account Link Step
    Account Linking Required Condition with the Red Flag from the Account Linking and Registration configuration.
  • 4.
    Enable the Auto Select Only Option.
  • 5.
    Configure the Fallback Flow with a No Operation Step.
  • Airlock IAM will authenticate the user with the remote authorization server. Depending on the Red Flag, a new account link will be forced or the authentication flow will terminate successfully.