Adminapp (module)
18. Adminapp (module)

This chapter describes the features of the Airlock IAM Adminapp module and how to configure and use them.

The Adminapp module provides a web application and a REST interface to manage users, authentication tokens, tech clients, etc.

It is mostly used by user administrators and help desks but it also provides features for operation such as a log viewer, maintenance message management, and configuration management.


Main Adminapp features

  • Management of end-users
  • Authentication token management and assignment
  • Tech client management
  • Management of admin users
  • Maintenance message management
  • Log viewer
  • License viewer
  • Configuration and configuration management

Quick technical facts Adminapp

Description and links
Module name
The Adminapp can be enabled or disabled using the 8.1. application parameters property iam.modules.
Configuration root
The Adminapp is a top-level element in the configuration.
The URL of the Adminapp is defined by the application parameter iam.adminapp.url.path and defaults to /<instance-name>-admin/.
If the Adminapp is accessed via the Gateway (WAF), the URL is defined in the mapping. The provided mapping template suggests using the same URL as indicated here.