The following example shows the simplified general workflow of an MS-OFBA authentication with a preconfigured Airlock Gateway (WAF) and Airlock IAM.

MSOFBA_simplified workflow
  • Step 1 (browser client) - Login for browser access to MS-SharePoint
  • 1.
    A user tries to access a SharePoint back-end with a browser. The user is redirected to the Loginapp window for one-shot authentication of the browser session.
  • After successful one-shot authentication, the content of the SharePoint back-end is accessible i.e. for online-editing.
  • Step 2 (non-browser client) - Login over MS-OFBA for MS-Office application session
  • 1.
    The user decides to open an Office file for offline-editing.
  • A native MS-Office application starts and creates a new session. At that time the MS-OFBA protocol is being initialized.
  • 2.
    A Loginapp window opens for one-shot authentication in the MS-Office application.
  • After successful authentication, the MS-Office application downloads and opens the Office file for local/offline-editing.