Changelog Airlock Gateway 8.2

The following list shows the changes from Airlock Gateway 8.1 to 8.2:

CHG: AP-28595 Alphabetic sort of IP listnames
CHG: AP-33156 Default Reponse Action Feature-Policy replaced with Permissions-Policy header
CHG: AP-34002 Support for Thales Luna Network HSM 7
CHG: AP-34021 Optimized deny rules (DOR_005, AS_015, SQL_065) with reduced false positives
CHG: AP-34245 Allowlist for bot detection updated
CHG: AP-34555 Improve performance of WIN_015 deny rule
FIX: AP-11079 Only log interactive SSH logins
FIX: AP-30130 Apache configuration improved for large environments with websocket connections
FIX: AP-32324 Suggested exception was encoded incorrectly when using policy learning
FIX: AP-33378 airlock-ssl-certificate-tool had issues with non-ascii characters
FIX: AP-33431 Case insensitive handling of header names in OpenAPI specification enforcement
FIX: AP-33708 OpenAPI was not set to log only if set on Mapping
FIX: AP-33846 Exception when auditor users access an anomaly shield application
FIX: AP-33867 Match Content-Type case-insensitive for OpenAPI Spec. enforcement
FIX: AP-33941 Create header token if one-shot has failed
FIX: AP-33997 Persist locking for access tokens and rewrite response body (JSON only)
FIX: AP-34005 Locking for JWKS providers
FIX: AP-34027 Improve handling of client aborts to avoid Apache log message AH01236
FIX: AP-34060 Entrust HSM setup script fixed
FIX: AP-34296 The Request details tab in Policy Learning is not displayed under some circumstances
FIX: AP-34297 Wrong values were initialized when editing policy learning suggestions
FIX: AP-34384 Memory leak in mod_http2 module
FIX: AP-34503 Improve performance of UNIX deny rules
FIX: AP-34505 Improve performance of SQL_030 deny rule
FIX: AP-34556 Installation from USB stick works again on UEFI systems
FIX: AP-34578 OpenAPI multipleOf works with negative values
FIX: AP-7530 Disallow server alias being configured in other virtual hosts as FQDN
NEW: AP-22940 OpenAPI support for content-type application/www-form-urlencoded
NEW: AP-33540 Example script for REST API to create deny rule exceptions
NEW: AP-33855 Kibana dashboards and saved searches include GraphQL blocks
NEW: AP-33883 Policy learning extended with filter for header name and value
NEW: AP-33930 Additional deny and allow header list can be enabled/disabled
NEW: AP-34140 Path exception pattern for JSON codeser
NEW: AP-34145 REST API extension and button in Configuration Center to terminate sessions
NEW: AP-34194 Introduce default Rules and Triggers for Anomaly Shield Applications
NEW: AP-34533 Added nano editor
SEC: AP-33249 DHE-Ciphers removed from default ciphers list for virtual hosts
UPD: AP-33197 Update to libmicrohttpd 1.0.0
UPD: AP-34050 Updated nghttp2 to 1.57.0
UPD: AP-34075 Update to httpd 2.4.58
UPD: AP-34156 Update slf4j-api to 2.0.12
UPD: AP-34341 Update to Elasticsearch/Kibana 8.12.2
UPD: AP-34342 Update OS components
UPD: AP-34343 Update to OpenSSL 3.0.13
UPD: AP-34344 Update to PCRE2 10.43
UPD: AP-34345 Update to Rhonabwy 1.1.13
UPD: AP-34348 Update to Kerberos 1.21.2
UPD: AP-34350 Update to jsoncons 0.173.4
UPD: AP-34352 Update to expat 2.6.0
UPD: AP-34354 Update misc Javascript libraries
UPD: AP-34355 Update misc Python libraries (scikit-learn 1.2.2, scipy 1.10.1, numpy 1.24.3, pandas 2.0.2, redis 4.5.5, msgpack 1.0.5)
UPD: AP-34356 Update to zlib 1.3.1
UPD: AP-34357 Update BrightCloud Threat Intelligence SDK to 5.36.1
UPD: AP-34358 Update to libcurl 8.6.0
UPD: AP-34359 Update to Redis 7.2.4
UPD: AP-34360 Update to syslog-ng 4.6.0-1
UPD: AP-34361 Update to libnet 1.3
UPD: AP-34362 Update to libmaxminddb 1.9.1
UPD: AP-34363 Update to Protobuf 25.2
UPD: AP-34364 Update to Boost 1.84.0
UPD: AP-34366 Update to SQLite 3.45.1, SQLite-jdbc
UPD: AP-34367 Update to c-icap 0.6.2
UPD: AP-34368 Update to nghttp2 1.59.0
UPD: AP-34369 Update geolocation data (DB-IP)
UPD: AP-34370 Update to statsd-exporter 0.26.0
UPD: AP-34371 Update to brotli 1.1.0