Section – GraphQL Limits

GraphQL Limits



Max query size

Maximum allowed size of the GraphQL query. If the query is larger, the request will be blocked.

Max query nesting depth

Defines the maximum nesting depth of the GraphQL query. The request will be blocked if a GraphQL request exceeds the maximal query nesting depth.

Choose this setting with care as a high query depth may dramatically increase the load on the target application, depending on the underlying data structure.

Max value length

Defines the maximum allowed length of a GraphQL value. If any value is larger, the request will be blocked.

Max length exceptions

Allows to create an exception for Max value length using Regex.

To define regular expressions, use #graphql# to limit the exception to GraphQL-related parameters.

Example exception pattern

When a log message for example shows the following:

WR-SG-BLOCK-118  Limit exceeded in operation "test": Value length of #graphql#person#search is 11, maximal length is 10

An exception pattern based on the log message above would be: