Redirect SharePoints logout request to Airlock IAM

When Airlock Gateway authentication enforcement has been enabled, the SharePoints's logout request of an authenticated user has to be redirected to the Airlock IAM.

By receiving the user's logout request, Airlock IAM terminates the user's session, which causes Airlock Gateway to trigger the logout propagation URL on the back-end server.

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • None.


  1. Go to: Application Firewall >> Reverse Proxy.
  2. Edit the SharePoint mapping.
  3. Change to the Expert Settings tab.
  4. Select ON to enable the Apache Expert Settings.
  5. Remove the leading # character to enable the Apache directive.
  6. # Rewrite for logout  
    RewriteRule /.*SignOut\.aspx$  /auth/logout?Location=https://%{HTTP_HOST}/ [NC,L]