Create an Airlock Gateway virtual host for Outlook on the Web

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • None.


  1. Go to: Application Firewall >> Reverse Proxy and click at the top of the Virtual Host column on the + sign.
  2. Enter the FQDN and IP address:
    • Host name (FQDN):
  3. Select a network interface.
  4. Enable the checkbox HTTP listener.
  5. Enable the checkbox HTTPS listener.
  6. Enable the checkbox Redirect to HTTPS.
  7. Change to the SSL tab.
  8. Select the Server certificate according to the FQDN of the virtual host.
  9. Change to the Expert Settings tab.
  10. Switch Security Gate settings to ON and enable legacy cookie parsing:
    # In the legacy cookie parsing mode, comma characters may be used to separate 
    # cookies. This means that cookie values cannot contain commas. The new cookie 
    # parsing mode allows commas in cookie values. 
    # (Context: global, virtual host) 
    # Whether to use the legacy cookie parsing mode. 
    # If you change this setting, you also need to configure a corresponding 
    # Apache Expert Setting with the name "AirlockLegacyCookieParsing". 
    LegacyCookieParsing "TRUE"
  12. Switch Apache settings to ON and enable Airlock legacy cookie parsing:
     AirlockLegacyCookieParsing On
  14. A virtual host has been pre-configured.