Prepare the installation media

A DVD image for burning the standard installation medium is available on the download page Techzone download page for Airlock Gateway. Preparing a DVD can be achieved using any standard burning programs.

Alternatively, Airlock Gateway supports the installation from USB flash drives as further described in this article.

Advanced installation i.e. using iLO Virtual Media option to mount the Airlock Gateway DVD image remotely might be an option on devices without USB or DVD drive access. For more information, refer to your HP Integrated Lights-Out User Guide.

Prepare a bootable USB flash drive for installation

  • Prequisites:
  • A USB flash drive with at least 4 GB or more.
  • This article uses the Fedora Media Writer. However, any similar software to write the DVD image to the USB flash drive should work too.
  • The downloaded *.iso Airlock Gateway image. Note that you should perform a checksum verification after download.
  • Administration rights on the local workstartion to install/use the media writer software.

As with most boot media writers, Fedora Media Writer destroys all data on the USB stick!

  1. USB flash drive preparation with Fedora Media Writer in Windows:
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into a free port of your local workstation.
  3. Start the Fedora Media Writer with administrator rights.
  4. Choose Select .iso file. Remember to verify the checksum in advance before clicking Next.
  5. Use Select... to choose the Airlock Gateway image.
  6. Choose the USB flash drive target and click Write to create the bootable USB flash drive.
  7. Proceed with the article On-premises installation.