Airlock Gateway license and sales

Without a valid license, request processing is disabled. For evaluating the Airlock Gateway or Airlock API product, please contact Airlock Support or your reseller for a time-limited evaluation license. If asked for the MAC address(es), please report the address of the first network interface of each machine. A Failover Cluster license normally contains 2 MAC addresses and is therefore valid for both systems (active/passive).

For questions and requests regarding Airlock licenses and orders, please contact

See also the PDF version of Airlock License Conditions.

Throughput definition and limits

Licenses can contain a maximum throughput value. If your license contains such a throughput limit, the limit is shown as a red threshold-line in the Gateway Throughput (for licensing) Kibana dashboard.
In case the measured throughput exceeds the licensed throughput, the following warning is displayed on the Dashboard screen after login:

Your system exceeded the licensed throughput within the last 24 hours. Please check log messages (log_id: "WR-SG-TIME-200") or the license reporting dashboard, respectively and contact your sales representative.

The throughput is defined as the rate of processed calls per second, averaged over one-minute time windows.

  • Calls can be blocked due to security considerations, e.g., because they contain attack payload. Blocked calls are not counted when calculating the throughput.
  • Only valid calls are forwarded to protected services. Valid calls are counted when calculating the throughput.
  • The throughput is logged periodically using log_id "WR-SG-TIME-200" as a reference. The dashboard Gateway Throughput (for licensing) displays these values.