Simultaneous administration and configuration merge

Simultaneous work on an Airlock Gateway configuration by two or more administrators is supported for Configuration Center and Airlock Gateway REST API access. This is also true for mixed access.

  • Working on a configuration means working on a working copy of a configuration. Simultaneous modification, therefore, means that in reality more than one working copy of a configuration is currently being edited - one per administrator session.

Requirements and limitations

  • Merging is only possible with configurations generated on Gateway versions Airlock Gateway 7.5 and later.
  • Merging may fail in case of conflicting modifications.

Available merge options

The configuration merge functionality is offered in case a new configuration has been activated in the meantime during your session when you try to activate your changes.

  • The functionality allows either to:
  • cancel
  • overwrite the currently active configuration
  • or merge your modifications into the currently active configuration.

In the Configuration Center, the options are presented in the configuration merge dialog:

config_merge dialog

The Airlock Gateway REST API offers an equivalent set of options via the option.autoMerge attribute.