Airlock Secure Access Hub

Airlock Secure Access Hub - a consolidated all-in-one solution is a central hub for secure access management in a digitized world. It is built on a flexible architecture to deliver a full set of functionalities. The following picture gives an overview of the Secure Access Hub on different levels: components, modules, and solutions.

Airlock Secure Access Hub - Components, Modules, Solutions


The tangible components of the Secure Access Hub are the following:

  • Airlock Gateway
  • Airlock Microgateway
  • Airlock IAM

Components are independent pieces of software that are downloaded and installed (or instantiated) separately. There is a separate manual for each of these components.


Components consist of functional modules. Modules are licensed individually and are associated with a price. That is, buying the Secure Access Hub boils down to selecting the relevant modules. Some modules come with a sizing parameter, others are priced relative to a base module and still others have a flat price.


Depending on which modules and components are combined, a large variety of solutions can be built. Solutions are not hardwired packages, but simply a term for describing the resulting way of using the Airlock Secure Access Hub. Solutions may reflect market needs and are typically designed around specific use-cases. The picture gives examples of possible solutions, without claiming completeness.

  • Example solutions
  • Authn/Authz Server: Airlock IAM with enhanced authentication and self-service modules could be used as a simple local authentication server, e.g., for authenticating VPN sessions.
  • Web Access Gateway: Using Airlock IAM as an authentication server for web sessions together with Airlock Gateway as a web proxy for authentication enforcement.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): A basic Web Application Firewall can be built using modules GW Base and GW Webroot. More modules can always be added. For instance, by adding the GW API module, the WAF is turned into a WAAP (Web Application and API Protection) solution.
  • API Security Gateway: A WAAP solution, combined with Airlock IAM's API Management module offers API access control with API usage plans.
  • Zero Trust for Microsevices: By combining Airlock Microgateway with Airlock IAM's federation modules, you get a powerful zero trust policy enforcement point for content security and access control.
  • Secure Online Banking: Securing online banking systems requires a combination of a WAF and Authentication Server solution. Additional modules for banking needs, such as PSD2 or transaction approval, are available as well, rounding off the solution.

Solutions are flexible and can grow over time. Additional modules can always be added later on by simply updating the product license.

Component documentation and UI

This documentation is available online with enhanced search options (Apache Lucene) and downloadable as a stand-alone JavaScript version on

Our manuals are centered around Components and are available as Airlock Gateway, Airlock Microgateway, and Airlock IAM manual. However, documentation and the UI still contain legacy wording that does not necessarily reflect today's view-oriented Airlock Secure Access Hub​ communication.