Button – Bulk Operations

Bulk operations allow applying a specific configuration change to a large number of mappings with a single click and reduce the need for repetitive manual configuration. All bulk operations require one or two steps before execution:

  1. Mapping Selection: An intermediate page listing all available mappings is displayed. Each mapping can be selected individually. Only the selected mappings will be targeted by the bulk operation. In case a label search was used to narrow down the set of visible mappings, the filtered mappings are preselected on this page.
  2. Configuration of Options: Depending on the chosen bulk operation, the next page may ask for specific configuration options.

After configuration, a click on the button on the lower right corner executes the operation on all selected mappings. Make sure to review the changes before activation.

Select one of the available bulk operations by clicking the "wizard" icon above the mapping column:

Bulk Operation


Change Deny Rule Additional Logging

Changes the additional logging security level of deny rule groups.

  • Options
  • For Security Level: Specifies the blocking security level of the groups to change.
  • Set to Additional Logging: The new target security level for additional logging.

In order to activate logging of security level standard for all groups currently on blocking level Standard, select Standard in the first and STANDARD in the second option.

Change Deny Rule Blocking Level

Changes the blocking security level of deny rule groups.

  • Options
  • Old Security Level: Only deny rule groups in this level will be updated. Choose "any" to update all groups.
  • New Security Level: The new target security level.
  • Remove Exceptions - Deny Rules: If selected, all exceptions on deny rules within updated deny rule groups are removed. This is recommended to clean up the configuration and remove obsolete exceptions.
  • Remove Exceptions - Deny Rule Groups: If selected, all exceptions on updated deny rule groups are removed.

Modify Mapping Labels

Add, set, or delete labels on mappings.

  • Operation
  • "Add" adds all specified labels to the mappings.
  • "Set" replaces all existing labels by the specified labels.
  • "Delete" removes all specified labels from the mappings.

Pull Settings from Source Mapping

For all selected target mappings, settings from their individual source mappings are pulled and applied. (see Attribute locking in the Configuration Center).

  • Limitations
  • The selected mappings are updated in alphabetical order of the mapping names. This can be relevant if you have multiple level of mapping references.