Section – SMTP Settings

Section SMTP Settings

Event notification channels can be used to generate email notifications on events.

Field name/setting name


Mail hosts (comma separated)

Specifies the mail hosts in a comma-separated list. If multiple servers are specified, they act as a fallback. Note that IPv6 addresses must be entered in square brackets [...].

Example:,, [2001:db8::1]:3211

Encryption method

Choose the encryption method supported by the mail server.

  • Available options:
  • No encryption
  • SSL/TLS (on a dedicated port, recommended over STARTTLS)


Username/Password credentials If required by the mail server.

When credentials are configured, Airlock Gateway will automatically use them for login. A warning is displayed if credentials are configured with the No encryption option.


Custom sender name

Allows to set a custom sender name. If left empty, the sender name of the email is Airlock Administrator.

  • Limitations:
  • Any text, including special characters, umlauts, and non-ASCII symbols, can be used.
  • Double quotes " are automatically replaced by single quotes ' on delivery.

Custom sender address

Allows to set a custom sender address. If left empty, the sender address is administrator@{gateway_hostname}.

  • Limitations:
  • Internationalized email addresses (e.g. with umlauts) are also supported but require the mail server to support SMTPUTF8. On delivery failure, check the log file for warnings.