Section – Export current configuration

The active config file can be exported into a *.zip-file. This can be useful i.e. when you plan to exchange the config file with another Airlock Gateway installation.

Export *.zip-files can be imported as-is by Airlock Gateway. Do not unzip the file or manipulate its content.

  • By default, this export *.zip-file includes:
  • A large *.xml-file containing all settings except private keys and passphrases.

If required, private keys and passphrases can also be included in the *.xml-file by enabling the export option.

Section - Export current configuration with option enabled

(HIGH) – When the export option is enabled, sensitive data (e.g. private keys and passphrases) are included in the export-file.

  • Use this option for limited internal use only.
  • Do not share the file. Anyone having your private keys may pretend to be your web server.
  • Store the export-file in a safe place only.
  • Delete the export-file safely directly after use.


  1. Default export (option not enabled!):
  2. Load and activate a configuration from the section Configuration History.
  3. Click the Export button.
  4. Section - Export current configuration
  5. Save the *.zip-file for future import.