Button – Activate

The Activate menu-button is the first navigation element of the main menu. Use it, to start the activation process to apply configuration changes.

Menu-button - Activate

Any changes (i.e. settings or mappings) are automatically stored in a new config file.

What happens during activation?

  • Apply changes immediately/store a new config file for later use:
  • You can immediately apply the changes using the activation process. This will activate the changes and generate a new (active) config file in one go.
  • You can store the changes in a new config file for a future activation process.
  • When applying a new config file:
  • A new configuration or a saved config file can be activated without the need to stop/restart the Airlock Gateway instance.

  • At runtime, processes are informed by signals.
  • End users will not lose their session or experience any downtime.
  • Most of the changes will not be noticed by the users.

Configuration parameters that do have an impact on users are clearly marked in the configuration center UI or in the corresponding manual page.

Errors and warnings

Any changes in the configuration are automatically validated. In case your new configuration contains errors or warnings, a counter is displayed next to the Activate button.

  • You cannot activate a configuration that contains errors.
  • You can activate a configuration that contains warnings. If you plan to do so, verify that the configuration is functional despite the warnings!

Click on the number or the icon, to see a detailed list of all these validation messages:

Menu - List of import errors (missing keys and passphrase)

Jump to the corresponding configuration element, by clicking onto the bolded text elements:

Configuration Warning - Click bolded text to follow link


  1. To apply changes / activate a configuration:
  2. Make your changes (i.e. add a new mapping).
  3. Check for configuration errors and warnings.
    • Correct any errors.
    • Correct warnings, if necessary.
  4. The new configuration does not contain errors.
  5. Click the menu-button Activate, to open the activation dialog window.
  6. Pop-up - Add a comment
    • Click on the button Show Changes and review your changes.
    • In the section Comment, briefly describe your changes.
    • Click the button Activate to load and apply the new config file.