Authentication workflow

Normally, the response of a one-shot request is not sent to the client. With the control API command AUTH_WORKFLOW it is possible to change this behavior.

  • FINAL_RESPONSE – use the response of the one-shot request as the final response and send it to the client.
  • CONTINUE – discard the response of the one-shot request and continue with the actual request (default).

The command syntax is:

auth-workflow-command        = auth-workflow-command-name "=" auth-workflow-command-value
auth-workflow-command-name   = "AUTH_WORKFLOW"
auth-workflow-command-value  = "FINAL_RESPONSE" | "CONTINUE"

The workflow command CONTINUE is the default behavior and has the same effect as when the AUTH_WORKFLOW command is omitted. This command is available since Airlock Gateway 5.1. The behavior of older versions is the same as using the CONTINUE command.

The pseudo code example below shows how to change the one-shot behavior to use the one-shot response as the final response of the request:

Pseudo code:

response.header="Set-Cookie: AL_CONTROL="+URL_Encode("AUTH_WORKFLOW=FINAL_RESPONSE")

Results in: