General command syntax

The control API cookie itself has to comply with the standard cookie specification.

For interaction with Airlock Gateway, the following syntax is used:

control-cookie            = control-cookie-name "=" control-cookie-value
control-cookie-name       = "AL_CONTROL"
control-cookie-value      = commands
                            ;at this place 'commands' must be percent encoded

commands                  = command [ "&" commands ]
command                   = audit-token-command | basic-auth-command | credential-command | header-command
                            | kerberos-user-command | ntlm-command | session-command | timeout-command | tracking-command
                            | auth-workflow-command | session-variable-command

The control API cookie value is a percent-encoded string of commands. Each decoded command is represented as a name-value pair and separated by an ampersand.


The pseudo code example below shows how to set the control API cookie using the HTTP header "Set-Cookie" command.

Pseudo code:

response.header="Set-Cookie: AL_CONTROL="+URL_Encode("SET_CREDENTIALS="+URL_Encode("admin")+"&AUDIT_TOKEN="+URL_Encode("jsmith"))

Results in: