KB - Delayed response from configured domain controllers

Affects product

  • Airlock Gateway

Question or problem

It takes very long for Airlock Gateway to receive the Kerberos ticket.

Airlock Gateway requests the Kerberos ticket from the configured domain controllers. It proceeds the comma-separated list from left to right. In case a domain controller is down, Airlock Gateway tries to reach the next one after a timeout. This behavior causes delays when requesting Kerberos tickets.


  1. Test preparation:
  2. Go to: System Setup >> Network Services
  3. Check in the affected Kerberos Environments the configured Domain Controllers.
  1. Test execution and verification:
  2. Verify the following:
    • -All domain controllers are fully operational.
    • -All domain controllers are reachable (no network issues).
  3. The verification steps from the above were successful.
  • In case of failure:
  • Ensure that all configured domain controllers are fully operational and reachable for Airlock Gateway. As a temporary workaround, remove the domain controller in bad status from the Gateway configuration.

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