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Error Pages

Section - Error Path

The Error Path is used as a path in the redirect location to the error page using Error page replacement with regex status pattern. Make sure there is no mapping with the same Entry path as the Error Path.

In an Airlock Gateway Failover Cluster, the Error Path is used to determine the state of the remote system. To avoid a failover switch when changing the Error Path, use remote activation to modify it on both systems at the same time.

Section - Error Pages

  • Airlock Gateway supports uploading customized HTML error pages including image files, style sheets, etc. using the following buttons:
  • Upload – Click to upload a set of error pages in a zip file. Configuration information including an example for a set of custom error pages is described in section Configure and manage custom HTTP error pages.
  • Download – Click to download the current error pages as a zip file.
  • Delete – Click and confirm to delete any custom error pages and to restore the Airlock Gateway default error pages.
  • Download customization template – Click to download a zip file with template error pages. Use these templates as the starting point to customize error pages.

If no error pages are uploaded, Airlock Gateway uses a set of very general error pages for the HTTP errors that can occur within the gateway:

HTTP error code pages

Default message in the browser



Bad Request
The server detected a syntax error in your request. Check your request and all parameters.

Check Airlock Gateway notice/info log for filter notifications etc.



Used as error page for failed One-Shot Authentication.


You tried to access a page without having the required permissions.

One-Shot Authentication did not provide the necessary credentials.


Not Found
The document at the specified URL does not exist.

No valid mapping in Airlock Gateway.


Too Many Requests
You tried to access this resource too many times

See Airlock Gateway log messages.


Internal Server Error
The server was unable to process your request.

Back-end server could not be reached, check Airlock Gateway alert messages.


Bad Gateway
The service is temporarily unavailable.

ICAP server unreachable, check Airlock Gateway log messages.


Service Unavailable

The service is temporarily unavailable.

Back-end server could not be reached, check Airlock Gateway alert messages. See also Section – Timeout.


Maintenance Page
This server is down for Maintenance. We will be back shortly. Thank You.

This maintenance page can be installed to show up when a mapping or a virtual host is in maintenance status.


The error page 429 – Too Many Requests can have various causes.

  • Expert settings configured in the default settings file:
  • When REQUEST RATE LIMITS for virtual hosts, mappings, or back-end groups have been set and one or more limits have been exceeded.
  • When Session.Tracking.HeaderToken.Enable is set to "TRUE" and outdated header session information is included in the request. The error should disappear when sending a new request with new header session information.
  • API rate limits:
  • When plan limits for API tech-clients have been exceeded.

The replacement pages may contain .asis responses.