Changelog Airlock Gateway 8.1

The following list shows the changes from Airlock Gateway 8.0 to 8.1:

NEW: AP-33596 Extend the summary log message with custom log fields 
NEW: AP-33556 Configurable Content-Type pattern for GraphQL 
NEW: AP-33545 REST-API extended to configure deny rule exceptions by exception name 
NEW: AP-33539 Apply deny rule filters for GraphQL requests 
NEW: AP-33493 Validation of overlapping destination route with default gateway (CASE-33417, CASE-33836, CASE-33908, CASE-33966, CASE-33551) 
NEW: AP-33492 Anomaly Shield: Detection based on IP aggregation for sessionless mappings 
NEW: AP-33449 Extract queries from GraphQL requests 
NEW: AP-33444 Limits for GraphQL requests 
NEW: AP-33297 Anomaly Shield: Detection based on IP aggregation 
NEW: AP-29982 nCipher support through PKCS #11 
NEW: AP-23631 Kibana saved search for integration 
CHG: AP-33681 Remove deprecated feature "external session token" 
CHG: AP-33521 Various deny rule filter improvements 
CHG: AP-33309 Remove countries limit in geolocation filter  
FIX: AP-33753 Corrected NPE on Policy Learning page (CASE-33737) 
FIX: AP-33609 Correctly rewriting JSON (CASE-34075) 
FIX: AP-33448 Correctly display warning "Cluster nodes are not in sync." 
FIX: AP-33235 Global access denied url can be set in SG expert settings 
FIX: AP-33234 Include global SG expert settings in config preview 
FIX: AP-32711 Support Safenet Luna SA HSM again 
UPD: AP-33674 Update to statsd-exporter 0.24.0 
UPD: AP-33601 Update to Elasticsearch/Kibana 8.8.1 
UPD: AP-33265 Update to OpenSSL 3.0.7 with fixed CLI 
UPD: AP-33201 Update misc Python libraries (scikit-learn 1.2.2, scipy 1.10.1, numpy 1.24.3, pandas 2.0.2, redis 4.5.5, msgpack 1.0.5) 
UPD: AP-33200 Update misc Javascript libraries 
UPD: AP-33197 Update to libmicrohttpd 0.9.77 
UPD: AP-33195 Update to SQLite 3.42.0, SQLite-jdbc 
UPD: AP-33194 Update to expat 2.5.0 
UPD: AP-33192 Update to Tomcat 9.0.78 
UPD: AP-33190 Update to Boost 1.82.0 
UPD: AP-33189 Update to jsoncons 0.170.2 
UPD: AP-33188 Update to gnuTLS 3.7.9 
UPD: AP-33186 Update to Protobuf 23.2 
UPD: AP-33185 Update to libmaxminddb = 1.7.1 
UPD: AP-33184 Update to Gem Engine 1.6 
UPD: AP-33181 Update to Rhonabwy 1.1.11 
UPD: AP-33176 Update to PCRE2 10.42 
UPD: AP-32394 Update to OpenSSL 3.0.10 
UPD: AP-32389 Update to libcurl 8.2.1 
UPD: AP-32387 Update geolocation data (DB-IP) 
UPD: AP-32383 Update to Redis 7.0.11 
UPD: AP-32371 Update to httpd 2.4.57 
UPD: AP-32370 Update to Kerberos 1.21.1 
UPD: AP-33191 Update OS components 
UPD: AP-32418 Update to zlib 1.2.13