Test and verification

KB – Does WebDAV work properly

Affects product

  • WebDAV with Windows.

Question or problem

Verify that the WebDAV service works properly.

Mount a WebDAV directory

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • Ensure that the back-end server is configured for WebDAV.
  • You need to run the commands with administrative permissions. Open PowerShell via Run as administrator.
  • Configuration takes place in Windows client.


  1. Test preparation:
  2. Run the following commands:
  3. copy
    net use * https://webdav.int.virtinc.com/
  4. Set the following values:
    • Enter the user name ...: <YOUR USERNAME>
    • Enter the password ...: <YOUR PASSWORD>

  1. Test execution and verification:
  2. Check the command output.
  3. The output shows The command completed successfully.
  4. Open the Windows Explorer.
  5. Navigate to the drive letter displayed in the command output.
  6. Create, rename and delete files and folders.
  7. The file operations should be successful.

  1. Test finalization:
  2. Unmount the drive.
  3. Run the following commands:
  4. copy
    net use /d <YOUR DRIVE LETTER>:
  5. The output shows was deleted successfully.

  • In case of failure:
  • Check the back-end server is configured properly.