Configure Airlock IAM for WebDAV

To configure Airlock IAM to authenticate the user and propagate its identity with Basic Authentication, follow the steps below.

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • You need to be logged in to the Airlock IAM Adminapp and be able to access the Config Editor.


  1. Go to: Login Application >> Authentication >> HTTP Request Authentication (One-Shot, REST)
  2. Configure a HTTP Request Authentication (using Gateway One-Shot Flow) plugin.
  3. Add a Target Application for WebDAV.
  4. Configure the Basic Auth HTTP Header Extractor as Credential Extractor.
  5. Configure the correct Authenticator plugin as Authenticator
  6. Configure the Basic Auth Error Mapper as Failure Responses.
  7. Configure the HTTP Basic Auth Identity Propagator (requires Gateway) as Identity Propagator.
  8. Enter the URL Pattern with the pattern that matches the external URL.
    • URL Pattern: https://webdav\.ext\.virtinc\.com/.*
  9. Under Identity Propagation and Authorization, configure the Airlock Credentials.
    • Airlock Credentials: webdav
  10. Click on the Activate button.
  11. The configuration has been updated successfully.