Traffic Matchers detail page

Traffic Matchers are configured as sets of regex filters and IP Lists that can be applied to incoming traffic.

  • Traffic Matchers are resources for the Anomaly Shield Applications detail page and can be referenced under:
  • Training Data Collection, e.g., to exclude vulnerability scanning sessions from being analyzed and collected as training data by Airlock Anomaly Shield.
  • Anomaly Detection Exclusions to bypass potentially non-threatening sessions (e.g., internal network traffic) around Airlock Anomaly Shield.
  • Response Rule Exceptions to prevent false positives and matching requests bypass the Airlock Anomaly Shield. Other requests of the same session are not affected by the exclusion and are processed by Airlock Anomaly Shield as usual.

Section – Traffic Matcher

Section - Traffic Matcher
  • Name – assign a unique name for the entry.
  • Tenant – add tenants to allow tenancy access. See also Multitenancy feature.

Section – Matching Conditions

Section - Matching Conditions

Incoming traffic must meet all conditions to match the Traffic Matcher, empty conditions are ignored. If an IP list is configured in the matcher, at least one IP list entry must match along with all other configured conditions in order to generate a traffic match.

  • Available conditions:
  • Header Name – a regex to match certain header names. Example syntax: ^X-Header$
  • Header Value – a regex to match certain header values. Example syntax: ^X-Value$
  • Path – a regex to match certain paths. Example syntax: ^/path/to/match
  • HTTP Method –a regex to match certain HTTP methods. Example syntax: ^(GET|POST)$
  • Content Type – a regex to match a certain type of content. Example syntax: ^application/.*
  • IP Lists – Use the + button to select one or more IP addresses that should be matched.
  • IP Lists are managed here: Submenu – IP Address Lists