Quick installation guide for Airlock Gateway on-premises installation

Boot from an installation medium

  1. Before upgrading from an older Airlock Gateway version, check the Release notes and upgrade information.
  2. Connect a monitor and a keyboard or establish a terminal connection to the first serial console (9600 baud, 8N1).
  3. Insert the installation DVD or an USB flash drive and reboot the server.
  4. You might have to change the boot device order in the BIOS or UEFI.

Install Airlock Gateway

  1. Follow the instructions on the screen to start the installation process.
  2. When asked for a network connection, enter the details for the Management Interface:
    • Enter IP address, the subnet, and the default route to the management web-UI, called Airlock Gateway Configuration Center.
  3. Choose the installation target disk and confirm the recommended disk partitioning layout.
  4. Enter a user name and password for the administrator account.
    This login is required to access the Airlock Gateway Configuration Center.
  5. Enable System clock uses UTC and select your local time zone.
  6. Enter a root password.
    Root login is required for command line login (console and SSH).
  7. The installation starts and will take approximately 15–30 minutes.
  8. Wait until the installation has finished. The system reboots automatically and starts up all services.

With Airlock Gateway 8.0 and later, software RAID is not supported. We recommend using a hardware RAID controller with disk mirroring for high availability operation.

Initial system setup

  1. Use a browser to connect to the Airlock Gateway Configuration Center https://<ip-address>.
  2. Log in with the administrator account you created earlier.
  3. Go through the configuration pages under the System Setup menu:
    • License – Enter your license key. New license keys can be ordered from airlock-order@ergon.ch – make sure to include the first MAC address of each system.
    • Updates – Download the latest update package from Techzone download page for Airlock Gateway and upload and apply it.
    • Nodes & Interfaces – Set up all network interfaces and the corresponding IP addresses.
    • Routes/Hosts/Network Services – Verify the network settings.
  4. Correct any errors, check all warnings and activate your changes using the Activate button.