Increasing the Java heap space for Configuration Center Tomcat and the Airlock management agent

The default heap space allocated to the airlock-mgt-tomcat and airlock-mgt-agent processes might not be sufficient for very large configurations. See also System and hardware requirements.

The Java heap space can be increased to overcome java.lang.OutOfMemoryError issues.


The amount of reserved memory should always be increased for both the airlock-mgt-tomcat and airlock-mgt-agent.

  1. Use grep Xmx to display the current memory settings:
  2. copy
    grep Xmx /opt/airlock/mgt-tomcat/etc/systemd/airlock-mgt-tomcat-start


    grep Xmx /opt/airlock/mgt-agent/etc/systemd/airlock-mgt-agent-start
  3. Start with doubling the memory value in both files. In this example, we increase the reserved memory to 2G in both properties files:
    • /opt/airlock/custom-settings/mgt-tomcat/
    • /opt/airlock/custom-settings/mgt-agent/
     JAVA_OPTS="${JAVA_OPTS} -Xmx2G"
  4. Restart the services:
  5. copy
    systemctl restart airlock-mgt-tomcat


    systemctl restart airlock-mgt-agent
  6. Proceed to double the amount of reserved memory until the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError vanishes.
  7. As experience has shown, airlock-mgt-tomcat may require about 4 times more reserved memory than airlock-mgt-agent. Keep in mind that increasing the heap space for the Configuration Center Tomcat and the Airlock management agent will reduce the free memory that can be used by the Security Gateway process.

Additional information

Instead of increasing the reserved memory for the Java Heap Space, we recommend decreasing the size and complexity of the mapping configuration using Dynamic back-end group selection. This can effectively lower the amount of required memory as well as increase the serviceability and management handling for admins.