Miscellaneous tuning

Anomaly Shield tuning can be done in the ml.ini file and in the Security Gate Expert Settings.

  • The ml.ini file is the configuration file for the machine learning service. It is located under /opt/airlock/ml-service/conf/ml.ini and is well documented by comments within the file.
  • Security Gate Expert Settings can be set over the graphical UI in Section – Security Gate.

Note that any changes in the ml.ini file require restarting the ml-service:

systemctl restart airlock-ml-service

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • See chapter-related prerequisites.

Instruction 1 – Change time to block for action Block IP

When a BLOCK_IP action is issued, the current IP is being blocked for a certain amount of time.

The block time can be set globally in seconds in the Expert Settings of Section – Security Gate.

# Default time to block: 1 hour (3600 seconds) 
# set time to block to 30 minutes (1800 seconds) 
AnomalyShield.Block.SourceIp.TimeToBlock "1800"

Instruction 2 – Changing the number of ml-service processes

The number of processes may be changed at your discretion. By limiting the number of processes, the system load impact of the ml-service can be limited.


The preset number of parallel processes 2. This means the service may only utilize 2 CPU cores by default.

Note that limiting the number of concurrent processes is a measure to keep enough CPU resources available for general request processing at all times. However, on a large system with many CPU cores, it may be advisable to increase the number accordingly.

Instruction 3 – Changing the quota for ColdDB

The cold_db_max_bytes settings may be changed at your discretion.


The preset quota setting for the ColdDB is 3GB. It may be increased if the default quota does not suffice.

Note that a reduction of the ColdDB space should not be considered on production systems.